Friday, March 26, 2010

Jackson Hole

I am so happy Spring is finally here. Living in Idaho in the winter is not fun at all and the wind does not make it any more enjoyable! So, when Skyler and I wake up and the sun is out, we like to take advantage of it. Sometimes we'll just go for a long car ride or on special days like this one, we went to Jackson Hole! I had never been there and Skyler kept telling me how fun it was, so I was dying for the weather to get better so we could make the drive over the pass. It was FINALLY good weather so we got some snacks together and made the drive. It was a lot longer drive than I had anticipated but still fun. Downtown Jackson is absolutely adorable!! I loved the mid western look and the shops were unique and entertaining. :)

I was finally able to take a picture under the famous Antler Arch!

Skyler took me to a cute little restaurant and we ate there and then went to the candy shops and got some treats for dessert. :) The rest of the day we just went to all of the cute little shops, drove around, and stopped by the Elk reservation and took pictures in front of the Grand Tetons. lol Skyler likes to call them "The Big Titties!" Get it, Grand aka "big" and Tetons aka "Titties." Yeah, I guess its a guy thing!

I just love days like these when the weather is perfect and I get to be with my best friend the entire day! Being married is THE best blessing I have ever recieved, but im sure there will big bigger blessings to come. :)