Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Year Anniversary 10-10-10!

Well, since this is my last post for a while I figured id better recognize Skyler and I's anniversary a little better. Me and Skyler met on November 5th, 2008. He apparently had been wanting to date me for years before we met and finally got my roommate to set us up. I remember feeling so comfortable with him and after that date we were inseparable! I'm not sure what exact day I fell in love with him, to be honest I think it just grew day by day. He told me about his two little sisters and how he used to tuck them in to bed every night, and that night he tucked me in and gave me a kiss on the forehead. The next day I came to work BEAMING and I knew he was the one. He proposed to me on July 4th 2009 at Disneyland in front of the castle and asked me to make him the "happiest man on Earth!" haha how fitting seeing as how we were at Disneyland! On October 10, 2009 we were sealed in the Salt Lake City temple for time and all eternity. He represents everything I ever wanted in a husband. He loves me more than I'm sure ill ever know. He puts the Lord first in all he does. He is good with children and loves to make them laugh. He's honest. Hard working. Kind. Loving. and SO much more! Thank you for choosing me Skyler, because I'm thankful for choosing YOU! Here are a few of my favorites from our big day!

One year down, eternity to go. Grow old with me, the best is yet to be!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Favorite Time of the Year~

October is my favorite month!~ Why? Because there is so much to look forward to this month! For instance: My birthday, our anniversary, Halloween, Fall CLOTHES, beautiful changing leaves, perfect weather, etc.  So far this October has been a complete blast! For MY BIRTHDAY Skyler totally spoiled me! First I picked up my sister in laws Kamie and Diane from the airport and when we got home this one on my table.

Edible arrangements MmmMMMmm... Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Bananas. It was SO GOOD and just what I was craving that day. haha I think I hovered over it an growled if anyone tried to eat one without my permission. jk but seriously though...

He also took me shopping all day in Downtown Denver, and of course I spent it all on fall clothes (they are my favorite). I bought tons of boots, scarves, and sweaters. It was tons of fun! THEN he took me to a french restaurant called LeCentral. It was amazing and we ate so much I thought for sure I was going to burst at any moment!

Skyler was such a SWEETHEART the entire day and made sure I had fun every second. Next he took me to Dave & Busters! When I was younger my dad used to take me and my friends there all the time and we would always have a blast! Its like a Chucky Cheese for teenagers and adults, and I was so sad when I moved away from California because Utah didn't have one. :( Well, Denver Colorado does so I was extremely excited to spend my birthday there! My in laws came too so that made it so much better! I love having my sister in laws Kamie and Diane here, they are such fun and sweet girls and I just adore them! 


As you can see we had a blast! We all raced each other on the race car games and I got 2nd place! hah I was so proud of myself for beating Skyler I started jumping up and down! It was awesome acting like a kid again and being retarded with my cute hubby, he's hilarious when he gets competitive!

Also,  on 10-10-10 was me and Skyler's One Year Anniversary! Skyler wanted to make it special so we brain stormed a few ways to celebrate it. We wanted to do a cruise, but we are going on one most likely in February. Then we thought about Vegas, but Skyler's opening an office there soon so we will visit a lot. Then Skyler said. "what about Aspen?" Awww Aspen, I had always wanted to go there. So Aspen it was!

The weather was a high of 60 degrees every day and a low of 30. It was perfect and so gorgeous! We stayed at a very nice Hotel called the Viceroy, Skyler likes to do things big for anything worth celebrating so of course it was the nicest hotel in Aspen!
He is so sweet.  We got to bring Rookie with us which was awesome because it wouldn't have been the same without him. Let me just say that he DOES NOT like being walked on a leash. He would whine and just sit there every time we put it on him and would not move. hah he is so stubborn. After a while though he warmed up to it and started to walk around with us. Mostly because he loves his dad and every time he'd walk away, Rookie would chase him! 

He liked to walk between my legs and make me look like an idiot, but he was being so CUTE I couldn't help but laugh! While in Aspen we mostly walked around and shopped, ate at amazing restaurants, relaxed, and went site seeing. We were also able to get a couples massage at the Spa there which was amazing! We were SUPPOSED to go on a hot air balloon ride but sadly...they were sold out. :( :( Maybe we will do that next year or something. :) Here are some pictures of our time there...

I also LOVED the food there. Skyler took me to the best restaurants and I swear I gained 5 lbs in 3 days just by eating so much!

Hah one more thing I just had to mention is that the ICE CREAM IN ASPEN just seemed to taste exceptionally better than anywhere else. They had a ginger cookie ice cream that tasted like autumn on a cone! Skyler laughed at me for saying that, but I couldn't get over how awesome it was! 

I am so grateful to have such a sweet, caring, funny, handsome, and loving husband. This year has been CRAZY but I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone but him. He helps me to get through trials, and always makes sure that I am happy. I admire him for his hard work and dedication and every day i'm reminded that marrying him was the BEST decision I have ever made.  He shows how much he loves me every day, just by being HIM.  If every year is as happy and amazing as this one has been, then eternity looks even more amazing. I am one lucky girl to have him as my husband. I LOVE you Skyler, you are my everything!

(YEP, having your birthday and anniversary in the same month has its benefits!)

Yay for Marriage, and Autumn, and LIFE! Not to toot my own horn or anything but I'm loving my life right now! I am feeling SO thankful for my husband, family, friends, and most importantly to have the gospel in my life. I think sometimes you need to have a hard trial to realize how blessed you are, and I am BLESSED! I love you all, and thank you for helping me realize that.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

September Part II~

Alright, so I've had a few people tell me I pretty much suck at blogging lately so I figured id better catch up before anyone else says anything. haha WHERE TO BEGIN! Well first off I love Colorado. Its gorgeous here and the weather has been perfect every day. I'm loving the autumn weather and get excited every day to wear scarves and boots! lol but this post is about September so ill talk about that in my next update. This last month Skyler I were getting settled in our new apartment and getting used to things. Every Sunday we've tried to spend quality time together while NOT breaking the sabbath; because its Skylers only day off, so we've had to be creative with our activities. For instance, Sunday Picnics! I know this is so random but i've always loved picnics, there's just something about the light breeze on a beautiful day while laying in the grass relaxing. Anyway, ive had a few picnics at the park with Skyler as well as family lately so here are some pictures! :)

It was also my sister in law Mariah's Birthday in September so Skyler and I threw her a surprise birthday party at our place. I made her a cake...haha totally not as good as my sister Becky would have made it but its the thought that counts right?!

Another fun thing we've done this September is Dinner Incentives with Skylers office. Every Saturday Skyler does an incentive for his guys that if they get a certain amount of sales that week he pays for all of them to go out to dinner. Buffalo Wild Wings seems to be their favorite right now... haha its not my favorite but what can ya do?! It was fun to spend time with everyone anyway.

Last but not least, I finally got to meet my first NIECE!! Her name is Arianna and she is such an adorable happy baby all the time. She hardly ever cries, and its so easy to make her smile you just can't help but love her! Skylers entire family is now living in Colorado with us in different apartments, so Skyler's brother Chad brought his family. His wife Mariah is such a nice and loving person, and gosh they have the cutest kids ever!
Well,  as you can see we are doing really well and will be moving back to Utah  and buying a home in late December/Early January. We like it here but I'm also missing my friends and family in Utah A LOT! Especially my nephews. I love ALL my nieces and nephews but after being with Pierson, Nathan, and Emmett every day for a month strait I'm having some withdrawals! Becky I miss you too and I CAN'T WAIT to see my sweet boys! :)

I have a lot to catch up on so stay tuned for another post this week!