Thursday, March 7, 2013

My first DIY Tutorial!~ St Patricks Day Wreath

I made a super easy, yet adorable St Pattys day wreath for our Relief Society auction. It did really well,    and the women were fighting over it, so I figured id share how I made it. Way too simple and easy not to share. :)

What you'll need:
Styrafoam wreath (any size you want)
Roll of Burlap (I found this in the floral section @ Michaels)
       Clovers (I found mine at Michaels for $1)
hot glue gun
precision cutter
scrapbook paper
glue stick

First you start by wrapping the burlap around the wreath, I used a glue gun and glued the first piece down to hold it in place. Pull it tight so you don't have any bumps, and continue wrapping until the whole wreath is covered. Glue the final piece down, and cut off the end.  

Next, you'll want to start your green rosettes. These look harder than they actually are. I like to start by cutting out a round piece of felt. I was out of white so I used red, hello Christmas colors! ;) Twist the ribbon and glue the end to the center of the felt like so.

Then keep twisting and glueing as you go clockwise, making the ribbon go around in a spiral 

Once your rosette is as big as you want it to be, and the felt is all covered, cut the end at a diagonal angle and glue it to the rosette.

You can style your wreath however you like, I added the clovers and just hot glued them to the burlap, and made different color rosettes.

Next you'll want to start your banner. I used a precision cutter (the one I used is by The Paper Studios, I found it in the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby by the scissors.) I used some old scrapbook paper I already had at home, and made 5 triangles using the cutter.

I also used the same blade to cut out the letters. Some people like to use a stencil and then cut out the letters that way, i'm cheap and just did it myself. The letters were a little sloppy but I didn't really care.

Then I glued the letters on to the triangles with a glue stick, hot glued each triangle to the ribbon like so, and glued each end of the ribbon to the wreath.

I used ribbon to hang the wreath up, but you can do whatever you like for this part. I took one long piece of ribbon, wrapped it around once and made a bow at the top. 

...and viola! You have a St Patricks day wreath! 

St Patricks day is not my favorite holiday, but I at least wanted to make something!! I promise my Easter/Spring Wreath tutorial will be a lot more fun. I will be making a Hydrangea wreath. Aren't they gorgeous!?? Im all for the simple, classy look, and these are just that! Tutorial coming soon!! Good luck and have fun.

You can also buy these darling wreaths here on Etsy.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Love Day~

 Let me just give you an idea of what my husband thinks of Valentines day.... He says he doesn't think we should have a day to show someone we love them, when we should be showing them every day. He also thinks its a way for candy companies to get more money, bla bla bla. Agreed, but I still cant help but love this day so much! Skyler knows how much I love Valentines, so he makes it extra special for me every year. Good hubby! ;)

I went all out on Valentines decorations this year. Borderline too much, actually probably OVERboard on decorations. I have to admit though, it gave our home a very romantic feel and we all kinda liked it. 

The day before Valentines, I got home from running errands and found this gorgeous HUGE bouquet of flowers on our kitchen counter. Seriously, the picture doesn't do it justice. It was huge. I heart flowers so much. Then the day of, he came home with a large box of chocolates, an adorable card, and two presents for me to open. This all from the man who claims to hate Valentines day. He really does love me! :) I felt like the worst wife EVER because he told me not to buy him anything, so I made him a coupon book, and just got him chocolates and a card. Whoops. He said he loved them though, and its the thought that counts right? 

My mouth dropped when I opened the first present he got me. The Jcrew necklace I had been wanting for so long but couldn't find anywhere! Im not sure how long he had it in his possession, waiting to give it to me for Valentines Day, but I was ecstatic! He also got me a zumba fitness video for the xbox kinect I had asked for months ago. Yay! No more crazy Insanity videos for me, now I can dance my fat away! ;) Im thinking about having Zumba Fitness parties at my place every week, anyone want to join!? You know you want to!!

One great thing about having two boys, is that instead of just one Valentine, I get THREE!! Haha I got extra kisses from both Cayman and Beckham that day. Cayman would steal a rose from the flowers daddy got me, and bring it to me. Then he'd proceed to give me a great big kiss and say "I ouv (love) you mom" while signing "I love you" in sign language. Seriously the cutest thing ever!

For breakfast I made my Valentines heart shaped french toast, oh my goodness it was delicious! Comparable deliciousness to that of Kneaders french toast, and I LOVE Kneaders! 

After breakfast I finished preparing our Vday gifts for our neighbors, I thought they turned out pretty dang cute. Cupcakes and chocolates, then Skyler delivered them for me. 

Hubby and I left for our date and my sister in law Kamie babysat. I left her a bowl full of fun Valentines cookie supplies to make while we were gone. Didn't they turn out so cute? 

annndd this was how excited Cayman was about them. Bahahaha! He was not a happy camper. I just couldn't help but laugh when Kamie showed me these. 

Our date was perfect, not because we went to some fancy dinner, but it was perfect for us. We walked around City Creek and held hands. I swear we never hold hands anymore because one of us is always holding a baby nowadays! I met Marvin Williams for the Jazz (wow he's tall, or maybe i'm just a midget??) and we went shopping! We ate at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. I wish I could say we ate at the roof, but lets be real here. We called to make reservations two weeks in advance and they were still booked! SOO we ate at the Garden. haha When we got there the lady at the front desk said a window table with a view had just opened up. We were pretty excited about that, and the food was nummy!

After dinner we were supposed to go ice skating at the Gallivan Center, but it was so dang cold that night, and we didn't bring big enough coats. I kept telling Skyler I wanted to go anyway, but when we stepped back out in the cold after dinner, I swiftly changed my mind! Hehe So we went to a movie instead and saw Safe Haven. SO dang cute, if you haven't seen it yet you need to. When we came home we saw that the cute Young Womens in our ward heart attacked our front door. So sweet.

Although i'm sad to see February go, i'm also glad I will not be tempted by cookies, chocolates, and pretty much anything having to do with Valentines sweets! They say the holidays are over after New Years. Thats a lie, Its Valentines day people!! I think i'm still in a sugar coma. Zumba Fitness- HERE I COME!!