Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just an Update...

Baby Update~
 (picture taken at 25 week pregnant)
For those of you who were wondering, we got the genetic testing results for the baby and it came back less than 1 in 10,000 for any chromosomal disorders! So, it looks like the white dot on his heart is nothing to worry about and now we just need to make sure he is growing at the right rate every month. That's no problem with me though because I LOVE seeing our baby boy in ultrasounds! :) I have another appointment next week to look at his heart again and check his growth, so hopefully everything looks good. I'm not too worried about him not growing at the right rate, because I swear I feel him get bigger daily and it can get pretty uncomfortable! lol I am now also getting full swings of heart burn before bed, as well full blown kicks as I try to sleep.

He likes to work out with me...
Another thing I'm pretty happy about is that I've been extremely lucky to be able to work out this pregnancy, even despite my complications. Ive been going to the gym almost every day now and baby Dyer LOVES it, he likes to do aerobics with me the entire time. Kinda cute, and also sometimes uncomfortable. I do anything from Cardio and weight training, to prenatal yoga. Some days I wonder why I even do it because I come home so sore and can barely make it up stairs, but I love the energy it gives me later on and I always feel so much better when I exercise! Skyler says I'm like the energizer bunny after a work out because I'm always GO GO GO afterward, and the house stays a lot cleaner. ;)

My Husband 
Have I mentioned that I LOVE my husband!? He is the cutest, and I just adore him to pieces. A couple weeks ago he took me to a bunch of baby stores to look for baby essentials for our new addition. We bought a car seat travel system, a play yard w/ bassinet, a crib, and of course baby clothes. It was so much fun seeing Skyler test out all the different baby gear. He literally had two full aisles of car seats, strollers, and play pins pulled out and looked at every single one of them. Skyler's the type of person that likes to make sure he is getting the best item for the money. He would show me all the different features on the car seats and strollers and explain everything to me. lol I thought that was my job, but it was just too cute watching him get so into shopping for our baby, especially since he usually hates shopping. He is going to be the best daddy ever and I feel so extremely lucky to be married to such a sweet, handsome, loving, funny, goofy, energetic, and AMAZING man!

Last but not least, this Minnesota weather was beginning to make me pretty depressed. One week the weather would start to warm up, and then the next it was snowing like crazy! I have been practically BEGGING Skyler to take me on a vacation for weeks now and he FINALLY gave in! We are going to Cocoa Beach, FL for our "Babymoon" before the baby gets here and I am beyond ecstatic.  It will be our one last romantic getaway together before we have a little one to worry about. He bought a few timeshares so not only do I have that to look forward to, but we also have a Bahamas Cruise, an Orlando FL getaway, a Miami or Hawaii getaway, and even a getaway to a huge Wisconsin theme park. We can have up to five people with us each time, so we are really excited to take our baby with us when he's 3 months or older as well as friends or family. I'll post again soon with our adventures in Florida, CAN'T WAIT!!! :)