Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Let me just start by saying that VIVINT is an amazing company.  It just seems like nothing even compares to it, and the opportunity for growth is never ending. I am so proud of my husband for deciding to go back, although managing for an Insulation company was great, lets just say he is in A LOT better company with this new job. The caliber of leadership is incomparable, and Skyler seems much happier here. He is doing really well too! :)

This past March and into early April we were able to go on a trip to Cancun with all of the VIVINT "core" sales reps along with their wives. It was an awesome vacation, and let me tell ya, MUCH needed. I felt really bad leaving Cayman with my sister, even had a little melt down. Once we got there though, I realized that I was thankful I did. I think it is much needed, and HEALTHY to take a step back from your rolls as a parent, and take the time to appreciate being married. It was like we were dating again, or on our honeymoon, so in love and just enjoying each others company. We HELD HANDS, which seems to never happen anymore because one of us is always pushing a stroller or holding Cayman. It was romantic and fun, and I am so thankful for my husband for doing so well, so that we could go! Thank you hubby, I am so in love with you! 

We visited Chichen-itza, SO cool!

        Dinner at Ruths Chris, yummmm 
Just hanging out by the pool! :)

       Dinner at the Chocolate Factory                                                     

 This was an under ground fresh water sink hold we got to swim in, it was gorgeous!

 Lunch with the Hills' at SeƱor Frogs

  Gorgeous Cancun, those cabanas were the absolute BEST way to lay out. So relaxing

Monday, July 2, 2012


Easter is probably one of my absolute favorite holidays, besides Christmas. These past few Easter sundays have been just perfect. The weather has always been nice, the smell of spring is in the air, and I'm just happier in general. I don't know why, Easter just brings out the best in everyone. Its really no surprise really, who wouldn't be happy and thankful to celebrate the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ!?

Even though Cayman was still pretty young, we wanted him to enjoy this Easter just as much as any other kid. We went to our wards Easter breakfast the Saturday before, and Cayman was able to go on his first Easter eggs hunt! He was so excited. Seeing all the other kids get so excited about finding the eggs, made him excited. All the kids were so sweet too. They'd help him find them, and give him some of their own when they saw he didn't have as many. Worked out well for Skyler and I since Cayman could have half the candy in the eggs. haha Heres some pictures from the Ward Easter Breakfast. :)

As you can see, he was REALLY excited to find his first egg!

After the Ward Breakfast, we headed straight to Utah to visit Easter with my family. If the beginning of the day wasn't fun enough for our family, Skyler surprised us by taking us to the new City Creek Mall and to the Cheesecake Factory. Wow, that mall is so awesome. Cayman loved it because he also got to see his uncle Khyle who he hadn't seen since he first got home from the NICU! :)

Easter Morning was perfect. Let me just start by saying my mom is amazing, her favorite holidays are also Easter and Christmas so she spares no expense. She put together the cutest Easter baskets for all of us, even made sure it went according to our personalities. Dinner was also phenomenal as usual. She knows us too well. :) The Easter bunny SPOILED Cayman, he got TWO Easter baskets!

 Here's Cayman going through his very first Easter basket!

 Mine (Left) Skyler (Middle) and Cayman's two Easter baskets (right)

:) The Easter bunny did GOOD!

After we all went through our baskets, we got ready for church. It was fun being able to go to my moms ward and sit with our entire family. Cayman loved it too because aunt Becky was able to snuggle him. :)

After Church we had another Easter Egg Hunt, this time with my family. Cayman went first so the older boys wouldn't take all of the eggs, it was SO CUTE watching him find them. Gah I am obsessed with this little boy!

We hid some in the trees for him, so the older kids wouldn't get them

Sleppy baby... :)

As you can see, the Dyer family LOVES Easter. I am so grateful for our savior and truly believe that he lives and was resurrected. The spirit that I feel on this day every year is breathtaking.  I watched this YouTube video on Easter about 5 times and it made me cry every time. I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ, and know that he died for our sins, and was resurrected. He lives.