Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Emmetts Blessing!

I must say that I have the cutest nephews IN THE WORLD!!! This last weekend was Emmett's (my youngest nephew) baby blessing! Me and Skyler drove to Layton to be there and it was so fun! All day saturday Skyler and I went shopping at the gateway and we had a blast. Sometimes it's fun to just walk around holding your husbands hand without a care in the world! He took me to my FAVORITE restaurant in the whole world THAIFOON and we ate there, it was amazing! Later that night we met up with my Dad and the rest of my family at my moms house. They all went out to dinner so Skyler and I stayed home with my nephews Pierson and Nathan. They slept the entire time (hooray for us!) haha! They are so much fun and always full of energy! Sunday was Emmetts blessing so we all went to church. I cant tell you how nice it was to sit at church with my entire family. Skyler was in the circle when they blessed Emmett so I thought that was so precious. It gives me goosebumps whenever Skyler gives a blessing especially when he gives ME one! Im so grateful to have a worthy priesthood holder as my husband. Its the best feeling in the world! Emmett was quiet the entire time as his Dad gave him the baby blessing and did I mention how cute he looked all dressed in white?

Babies are so precious. I cant tell you how much I love ALL my nephews, they mean the World to me. I have five nephews now and no nieces. James, Pierson, Nathan, Emmett, and Bowen. OH and one on the way... so that makes six! I want a niece so bad, but MAYBE ill just have to be the first to have a girl! :) My nephew Pierson pointed to my belly a few weeks ago and said, "is there a baby in there?! HAHA normally I would take offence to that but I knew he didnt mean it in a mean way and my belly doesnt stick out at all. (hopefully) haha so I said, "I dunno Pierson... do you know something I dont!?" and he said, "Yeah, its baby girl!" Me and my sister Becky (his mom) giggled quietly. Oh how I wish I was having a baby girl right now, but I guess ill just have to wait!


  1. Aw!! So Chad & Mariah found out they're having another little boy? You really are going to have all nephews, lol. Maybe a girl soon for you, I'm excited. I'm telling you, we will all be VERY broke when someone in this family has a daughter. lol

    I love you! Thank you for coming to my little Emmett's blessing!

  2. HAHA well Mariah hasnt found out yet... im assuming its a boy though. Just my luck!! I need a niece becky!! haha not that I dont love my boys but I wanna make her cute bows for her hair, and buy her a cute dresses!!

  3. Well, I think she's having a girl! :D So hopefully she finds out for sure soon, so you can make her cute little bows and buy lots of pink!