Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shout out to my Hubby!

I have been especially proud of my husband these past couple months. He has been presented with some great opportunities that could potentially decide his success in the future. Although this is great news, it has also been a very hard decision for the both of us especially not knowing what decision will be the best one. Somehow he has been able to remain my amazing husband! Even with all of his stress lately he has never stopped working hard, and has never given up hope for himself or his employees. One thing I really love about him is that he has always made a great effort to be honest and up front with his co-workers and most importantly his friends and family. As a wife I'm sure that most of you know that when you love someone as much as I love Skyler, you start to get really protective. I see what he goes through every day and it breaks my heart some of the things he has to go through just trying to be a good manager. I absolutely support him in every decision he makes and I am so proud of how he has been handling things I cant even explain. I admire his strength and most of all DEDICATION! So, here's to my wonderful husband. I love you so much Skyler! :)