Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trips to Utah!

Well, let me just say that I have been so happy to have the opportunity to spend so much time in Utah with my family lately. Skyler has been working in Couer D alene the past couple weeks and although id love to go with him... he is sharing a room with two other guys if not sleeping on the coach. :( He has 15 guys out there with him, some of whom had to leave thier families to go out and sell. He has the BEST employees EVER! They are seriously the most hard working men you will ever meet. Skyler always tells me how much he likes working with them because they are not only hard working, but they are also respectful and just down to earth good guys. While he has been out working his butt off, ive been here pretty much having fun every day... I know i'm so spoiled!! I haven't been able to work because I cant do paperwork when its in Couer d alene So I guess im on a little vacation. :)

The past couple weeks ive mostly played with my nephews and family, and at night I hang out with the girls. It has been SO much fun taking my nephews to the park and catching up with all my girl friends. This past monday I took my nephew Pierson to McDonalds for a couple hours to play in thier play place. He has had this problem with striping down to his diapers lately for no reason haha so I told him if he was good all week id take him to McDonalds. One day he started to strip down and then realized what he was doing and said, "((GASP)) OH NO!! Donalds!?" and then hurried and put his clothes back on. lol he is SO cute! He kept his clothes on all week so I spoiled him in McDonalds and he had a blast! Another day, I took Pierson and Nathan to the park by my moms house and we had a little picnic. Here's a picture of me and Pierson that day. I look like butt but here ya go. :)

Notice the wagon in the background... I pulled them in that to the park. They loved that!Later that day I took Pierson with me to the mall. He played in the malls play place because he was so good and held my hand the entire time. He helped me pick out jewelry and shoes and never complained even once! lol I also got him his favorite McDonalds! Here is him playing in the mall.

Well you can obviously tell Pierson got spoiled but what about Nathan?!! haha dont you worry, I took care of that. My sister Christy came and visited my mom too so we took Nathan with us one morning to Ihop. He soaked up all the attention he could get and loved his pancakes, they are his favorite! My sister took him to the restroom and he locked her out of the stall and flushed the toilet over and over again. haha what a little terd... but on the way out he ran back to shut the door "like a big boy" he's been doing that a lot lately and we dont know why but he got his little hand stuck in the door!!! He screamed bloody murder and we both felt so bad. :( The waitress brought us some ice so he calmed down but we still felt horrible. SO we took him to Wal mart and spoiled the crap out of him! I think we spent $50 total!? haha. Here is a picture of him with his new Iron Man mask.

Last but not least ive been able to play with my newest nephew Emmett and lot more. Ive gotten to the point where I can tell what he wants just by his expressions. He is such a good little baby. He hardly ever cries, he is almost always as happy as can be, and I love him more and more every day! I went downstairs one morning before Becky was up and saw Emmett in his crib. What a good way to start out your morning dont you think? I just HAD to take a picture of this, too cute!

HAHA last night me and the boys had a "tickle fight" and becky got pictures of it. They were laughing so hard I couldn't help but to laugh with them!

Finally, I just wanted to say that I have missed my friends in Utah so much! These past couple of weeks have been a blast! They say that when you laugh with your girlfriends you release a hormone that makes you happy... you can't get that with a man. So you married girls; make sure to spend lots of time with the girls! This picture is Me, Whitney, and Danielle. Me and Danielle have been best friends sinse high school and she just moved to Italy for 5 weeks so it was nice to spend time with her before she left.

This is me and another one of my best friends Whitney. We've become really close lately and I love hanging out with her because we are so crazy together and we laugh so much!Our minds definitely think alike! haha

Wow, this post was really long but I had so much to catch up on! I am so greatful to have such a loving family and great friends BUT I miss my husband and he is my best friend in the whole World!! Hurry up and come home Skyler home is wherever you are and I LOVE YOU!!


  1. I love this, and especially that you've bonded with the kids so much. They are lucky to have you as their aunt!!

  2. How cute are you!? You are going to be such a good mom one day!