Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Virginia = Home Sweet Home!

We are now in Fairfax Virginia! lol man we have traveled a lot these past few months but I must say I've actually really enjoyed it! I miss my family and friends (especially Whitney) so that's been hard, but Virginia is beautiful! You can drive around for hours and never get sick of the thick green trees and beautiful rivers that surround the area. There are many different ethnicity's here and different cultures, its definitely nothing like Utah or Idaho. It kinda scared me at first but after talking to people here, I have yet to meet one person I do not like. Everyone is so nice and polite it blows me away. The freeways here are insane, so that's going to take some getting used to. I decided one day to go to the mall but on the way there one of the exits was blocked due to construction. I had to take 4 different freeways to get there; all of which were just big loop arounds that lasted maybe 5 seconds, and it would take you from one freeway and then right back on to another!! HAHA Ive noticed that the drivers here are VERY polite. Almost too polite...someone is always slowing down to let someone in so it kinda slows traffic sometimes. I thought I was just crazy and it scared me, but this has been confirmed by many people that traffic is slow due to polite drivers. We are 20 minutes away from downtown Washington DC which is so much fun. You know how in the movies it makes it look like all the monuments and museums are super close together? HAHA THEY WERE LYING TO YOU! It's like a 30 minute walk or more to get from one monument to the next. Lets just say after experiencing DC for the first time my feet were sore and I'm definitely bringing some walking shoes next time...not flip flops! I love the weather here its always so warm and sunny but some days its unbearably humid! I can't even wear my cardigans that I love oh so much because it gets way too hot! lol at least our apartment has a huge pool. :) OH, and one of the best things about the DC area?? MALLS GALORE! HAHA boy do I love East Coast shopping...except for I get lost in the malls here. They are HUGE! Besides getting used to things, its been a great adventure. I'm so excited to spend the rest of the summer here (and most likely into Fall) and get to know the area, visit NY, and my brother near Virginia Beach. I've also met some awesome girls here so I have people to go shopping and to the pool with. It will be so much fun! Skyler and I were able to spend a day in DC with his brother Chad and one of his sales reps McKay. As you can see, we had a lot of fun!

Washington Monument

The Washington DC Capital

The Lincoln Memorial

White House, I was hoping to see Obama come out "for a smoke" but it never happened. Dang it! Well, with the stress of having to constantly move and never knowing what was going to happen next... I feel so much closer to Skyler. On our way to VA (35 hr drive) we just laughed and had fun with each other. I never thought it was possible but I fall more and more in love with him every day! He laughs at my jokes and makes me smile when I'm sad and even when I'm furious at him! lol He is the biggest goofball and its hard to stay mad at him for too long. I am one lucky girl to have him forever and may there be more adventures to come! :)


  1. You are so lucky to live there. I drove through VA once and could not believe how beautiful it was. Good choice Skyler!

  2. I heard it is GORGEOUS there!! How awesome! D.C. looks amazing, my hubby and I have been wanting to go there. And I love how you joked about Obama coming out for a smoke, hahaha, I was laughing so hard.

  3. Looks like you guys took the same path as we did only with much more determination! ;) We didn't make it to nearly as many spots. I had to laugh at your view of DC, like mine about everything being close together. Love the pics! BTW what camera did you use? The color is great!

  4. Thanks guys!!! Oh and Jamie im not sure what camera we was McKay's and all I know is that it was a sony.