Monday, September 13, 2010

Rookie Dyer!

We finally got a puppy!!! He is a Yorkshire Terrier and his name is Rookie Dyer!! I already love him so much and he is the cutest little guy ever! I have to admit I was a little nervous for Skyler to meet him...Skyler HATES lap dogs and did not want to get one. lol but after we lost our baby he changed his mind and said I deserved my puppy. :) but to my satisfaction Skyler loves him just as much if not more than I do!
Here is a little story as to how I picked Rookie as our puppy!

My sister Becky was looking online for puppies for me and came across an add on KSL for a female Maltese puppy and male Yorkie puppy. The lady was selling the Maltese for a friend and the Yorkie was the last left from a previous litter. I had been wanting a Maltese for YEARS and immediately called the lady the second my sister showed me the picture.(she was adorable!) I was so excited to find out that the Maltese was still available and started jumping up and down after she told me I could pick her up TODAY! (lol,I know... I'm a nerd!) Right before I hung up though, I asked her to bring the male Yorkie as well just in case I changed my mind. So me, my sister, and my nephews Pierson, and Nathan all got in the car to meet my future puppy! It was pouring rain that day and it took us TWO HOURS to get from Layton to American Fork, but it was well worth the drive! When we got there the lady picked up the Maltese and the Yorkie and handed them right to me and let me show them to my nephews. I gave the Yorkie to my sister and held the Maltese. All I remember is thinking that she was really cute but I didn't instantly love her like I thought I would... lol that sounds so dumb but its true! I looked at Becky and asked her which dog she liked more. She pointed to the Yorkie. I hadn't really even considered getting the yorkie at this point but I finally picked him up and looked at him. Let me just say that he has the cutest baby doll face in the world and the second I picked him up he stopped moving around and looked right at me. His sweet little puppy eyes looked right into mine and he tilted his nose forward and touched it against mine and then gave me a big lick on the nose! I instantly started crying and said, "this is Rookie, this is my Rookie Dyer!"

He is seriously my little baby. I am very over protective of him to the point where its almost ridiculous! haha but my sister and I did some research and found that women who lose a baby and then get a pet usually treat the pet as if it were their own child. haha so that made me feel a little better and less crazy! I cry whenever he has to get shots and the vet just laughs at me! Rookie has cutest little personality and I just can't help but love him even if he's being a little turd! He loves to steal my clothes and hide them, and his favorite chew toys are our toes, my coral purse, his red squeeky toy from Petsmart, and my white flip flops. OH, and Skylers socks. :)
Skyler loves to play with him and every morning he picks him up and puts him in bed with us. While we cuddle in bed and give each other kisses; Rookie likes to squeeze in right between us, and licks our faces until we give him attention too!lol He is one spoiled little puppy, and we sure do love him! Welcome to the family Rookie! :)


  1. I still love that picture to pieces - the one of you crying, the first time you held him. It really was such a sweet and tender moment. He kept licking your face and ah, it was adorable. He found his mommy. :)

    Love and miss you SO much!

    Now I want to hear all about Colorado!

  2. Thanks Becky! I still think I look like butt in that picture...but you're right. It does capture my emmotions as I first held him! Oh I just love him sooo much! I love and miss you too. Give the boys lots of hugs and kisses for me. Oh and I just posted about Colorado!

  3. Good lord he is adorable! I WANT ONE!!!

  4. When I first got Maggie I started crying too and now we have had her for almost 4 years! Enjoy your adorable little puppy and who cares if you are over protective, its understandable after what you went through! Now Rookie will be there to watch your own babies grow up and i'm sure he'll love them!