Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goodbye Colorado, HELLO Minnesota!

 Goodbye beautiful sunny Colorado, and HELLO freezing cold Minnesota! Yep, its true. We have moved AGAIN to the "Land of Ten Thousand Lakes!!" The bright side is that this time we got a house and moved into that instead of another apartment, and are planning on living here for a good year. This is progress compared to every 4 months! lol Rookie is already loving the extra space and the second we arrived at our new home he greeted us with a welcome home poop on our new carpet! Just lovely...

This is the house we chose, it isn't exactly what Skyler I would have REALLY liked. We like houses with more of the intricate stone work on the front, with large tall arched front doors and big vaulted ceiling rooms with huge windows that look over the mountain. BUT unfortunately, we had to find something closer to Skylers home office and you can't find anything like that close to Minneapolis unless you want to pay four grand a month! So, this will just have to do for now. Its a three bedroom so we will be able to set up the babies room (im really excited about that) and it has a HUGE living room, where we will add in a pool table or air hockey table (my favorite) on one side. Its cute, and im having fun decorating our own little house. Ill be sure to post pictures once its all done.
Also, a little BABY update! I am now showing, and I can feel him kick! Its the most amazing feeling in the world and I cannot wait to be a mom. I already love him so much. Only FIVE MORE MONTHS until I get to meet my sweet little boy! :)

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  1. I'm not gonna lie. I'm SUPER jealous of your house. And your belly is so cute!!!