Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas In Colorado!

Wow, I am so behind on my blogging its ridiculous! Haha this Christmas was a different experience for me, and I'm sure for the rest of our family too. This was my FIRST Christmas away from home and my mom and sisters. :( sad.. BUT I was able to spend it with Skyler's side of the family. On Christmas eve we played games till one in the morning. It was really fun and Judy (my mother in law) took a lot of time to make sure they were all Christmas related and interactive. Me and Kamie were champs at all of them, we kinda cheated too though but shhhh no one has to know! Here's some of us playing Christmas Charades!
At about 12:30 at night Skyler blurted out the gender of our baby! We were going to tell them on Christmas but Skyler was/is so excited we are having a boy he just couldn't keep it in anymore. On Christmas morning Skyler had me open a couple of presents just with him. He got me a nice comfy pajama outfit to wear from Victorias Secret! I absolutely loved it because being pregnant makes me want to wear sweats all day, every day! Our little man is always so low its uncomfortable to wear stiff jeans all day! We also stuffed each others stockings and opened those together too. My mom sent us both a stocking as well, shes amazing because she individually wraps every present in the stocking! Its like a mini Christmas! Oh, and her and my sister Becky hand made the stockings this year. They were so cute, and looked just like the ones we had when we were little!!!! (Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of mine, so I stole this from Becky. Ours looked just like this with our names on them)
 Then we hurried over to my in laws to open presents with them. Id like to say that it was a joyful experience but the second I walked in the door I was so hungry I almost threw up right in front of everyone! lol so I had to sit there and fight back the nausea while everyone else had fun and passed out presents to each other. Once I was fed and the nausea settled, we started to open presents. I didn't really ask for anything this year. I told Skyler I wanted ONE thing! A Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Caryall diaper bag in Licorice Pudding!
haha I know its a mouth full, but I think its seriously the most gorgeous diaper bag ever made! It is also a pretty penny, not the most inexpensive diaper bag you will ever see. Anyway, I wasn't sure if Skyler was going to get it for me or not, but I was hoping it was in the big box wrapped in silver under our Christmas tree. Sadly it wasn't... :(
(Excuse my ghetto-ness, it was a rough morning...)
Haha Skyler thought it would be funny to go to Home Depot, buy me a tool bag, wrap it up nice, and give it to me as a Christmas present! I looked at him and said, "if this is the diaper bag you got me I will kill you!" haha BUT seeing as how it was Christmas I put on an annoyed smile and didn't say anything.

Everyone else seemed to love everything they got! Diane got the camera she's been wanting for years from all of us! A Canon Rebel.
Kamie got a surprise note from Chad with a poem/riddle in it. Which we now know was a surprise visit from her best friend Tashah from Alaska, along with ton of clothes from everyone.

I SPOILED Skyler this year and got him a Braun series 7 razor set (the best on the market right now), my mom got him a back up camera for his new truck, Khyle, me, and my mother and father in law all pitched in and got him an electric start (which he did not think he would get, so he was really suprised!), AND I got him a G Star jacket that I dare say is the hottest jacket on him of anything he owns. ;)
My mother in law got a Cuisine art she'd been wanting, Daddy Dyer got a HUGE outdoor reclining camping chair from Skyler and I, and so on, and so forth. Then it was finally my turn to open my last present. Skyler picked it up from under the tree and handed it to me. It was a big box with red wrapping paper and gold bow, and one that I had never seen under our tree!
When I opened it, I about screamed!! He got me the diaper bag I wanted! It wasn't the exact one, but very close. haha He did a good job considering he's a guy. We returned this one and got me the exact one I wanted. I absolutely LOVE it!

Later on that night we had an AMAZING Christmas dinner and sat and watched Bowen and Ari play with their new toys. Bowen was a riot! Grandma got him a big, fluffy, soft, blue chair. He would climb on it, and jump on it, and then fall right off and laugh hysterically! Skyler also gave him a green stretchy ball which ended up turning into Rookies toy. Rookie would chase Bowen around the entire house trying to get the ball, and Bowen would just drag him everywhere and they'd fight over it! It was pretty cute, and made me even more excited to have our own little baby boy!
This Christmas was awesome and we had a lot of fun spending time with family. I am very lucky to have such amazing in laws who unconditionally love us no matter what. Christmas is not all about the presents. Its about giving, being with family, and remembering our saviors birth. This Christmas I was/am so grateful for my family, friends, and Heavenly Father. Life is perfect!

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