Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I am one of those people that believe blogging shouldn't always be about how "perfect" your life is. Because, well lets face it... NO ONES LIFE IS PERFECT and if you don't think so then,"thou doth protest a little too much." (In the wise words of Whitney)

I ran into a lady at the grocery store today and she asked me how old my son was. I responded, "oh, he's 6 months." Well of course she says, "Wow, my son is six months and he's THREE TIMES HIS SIZE." She was the sweetest lady, but to be honest I was having an off day today and really did not want to explain how my son was born early for the millionth time. So in as few words as I could, I told her that he was a micro preemie and is actually 3 months "corrected" which is why he looks like a three month old. Anyway, that obviously wasn't enough information for her because she wanted to know more. Just for the record, I usually do not mind answering questions about Cayman. I love having any excuse to talk about my little man; BUT like I said, it was an off day for me. She wanted to know how much he weighed, how many weeks he was, how long he was in the NICU, etc etc. I explained everything and then she said, "Well if he was only 2 pounds then it must have been a really easy labor, imagine what you felt and multiply that times ten!!! I wish my kids were micro preemie." WHAT!? Who on Earth would say that?

Im sure she was just being funny or sarcastic, but I was a little bugged after that. I've had so many people tell me lately that my labor was "so much easier than a full term baby." This has become such a pet peeve of mine, so let me make this clear. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW BIG THE BABY IS... LABOR PAINS ARE ALL THE SAME!!! So, next time you want to belittle what I went through. Try being in hard labor for 2 weeks, full blown labor for over 24 hours getting little to no sleep, delivering a 2 pound micro preemie, THEN tell me how "easy" it was! You have just experienced one of Bethany Lynne Dyers rage rants, I hope you enjoyed it. ;)


  1. Aww totally have a reason to be pissed!! People are way to nosey when it comes to other people's business..your baby is perfect! and who cares if her baby was three times his size...whose to say that her baby isn't just fat! You handled it well..and i'm proud of you.

  2. You have EVERY right to be paturbed... Ya i don't know if I spelled that right but I hope you get what I meant. I can't imagine going through what you've been through and yet being SO strong. You are truly amazing! Love you bethany!