Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Extended Vacation

***Girls Nights***

As I'm sure you all know by now, my week vacation to Utah is now a month vacation. I'm stuck here until my doctor gives me the "OK" to go back to Virginia. SO, now I have lots of time to spend with my friends! Picture above is a little pool party at Danielle's. Sadly I could not go in the water. :( Whitney decided to be my support system and stay out as well. I love her! It is my goal to see my friends as much as possible as I'm here cause who knows where ill live once the summer is over!

***Skyler's Visit***

(Skyler and I at the outlet malls in PC)

Skyler came to visit me for a week after my surgery. The stinker tricked me though!!! I thought he was coming at night but he showed up in the afternoon while I was taking a nap (with no makeup on) with flowers and surprised me! I was so excited I could not even stand it. It was such a hard week and I needed him there so bad, and now I finally had him in my arms! It was so nice having him here and we had a lot of fun together. Skyler's birthday is August 5th so we decided to go to Park City and spend a day at a day spa. He was stressed, I was stressed...we both needed it!

When he planned the trip I had no idea what the hotel was going to look like, I figured spending a day at a day spa was expensive enough so our hotel wasn't going to be over the top. Little did I know Skyler had ANOTHER surprise in store for me! He checked us in at one of the nicest hotels in Park City, The Sky Lounge! We had a pool table, our own private hot tub on the deck, a nice jetted bath tub, flat screens that came up from the dressers, and showers with two water heads! IT.WAS.AMAZING!
Here's some pictures of our hotel at the Sky Lounge!

While we were there we went shopping on Main Street. They were also having a huge market going on so we went and looked at all the different little tents. The next day we spent the day at the Amatsu Day Spa and had a couples massage. Lets just say it was just what we needed! I felt like a new person afterwards. We also went shopping at the Gateway on the way home! I miss my hubby already, it was so nice having him here!

***Skyler's Birthday Celebration***

My husband is getting so old! He is 27 years old TOMORROW!!! Its crazy how time flys, it seems like just yesterday we were still dating and I was at home missing him on his birthday while he sold in LA. Looks like some things never change, once again I will be here missing him on his birthday! This time though, we were able to celebrate a little early. While Skyler and I were on our way home from Park City my mom picked up a chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake for him. I of course asked her too but she made sure she got him exactly what he wanted. We were able to sing happy birthday to him and have him blow out his candles. My goodness, I burnt my hand pretty bad trying to lite that many candles and when he blew them out I thought for sure the fire alarm would go off! lol here's some pictures!

Happy Birthday tomorrow honey, I love you and miss you SO much!

***Nathans Birthday***

My nephew Nathan is the cutest little boy ever! He turned 3 years old on the 3rd and boy oh boy did we spoil the crap out of him! We spent the entire day at the Zoo where I bought him pretty much whatever he wanted. His mom (my sister) really does her best to make sure her boys feel special on their birthdays. He had a Toy Story themed party and look how good Becky did on his cake and cupcakes! SO CUTE!

Here are some picture from our day at the Zoo. I spoiled the boys and made sure they had big icee's at all times and that Nathan got whatever he wanted from the gift store. He also succored me into taking him on the carousel. He is such a cutie!

well that concludes my blog post! Stay tuned for another update soon, its going to be a BUSY month!


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  2. Bethany your pictures are so cute, you look great! Im so happy skyler was able to visit and spoil you! Also, I want your sister to fo Cayden's birthday cake, she is so good!!!

  3. I'm really glad you're here, Beth. To be honest, I'm going to be super sad when you leave again. :-(

    I'm super jealous of your hotel and spa, by the way.

  4. Thanks Sharon, ill ask her...whats his bday theme?

    Becky- I love you and Im going to miss u and the boys when I leave. It was so much fun spoiling Nathan!

  5. Holy crap your hotel was awesome, so jealous! I'm so happy your with your hubby again!