Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photo Shoot~

~Promotional Photo Shoot for Kate Johnson Photography~

First of all, let me just say that I wont, and will not ever be a model! lol, well first of all I just do not think I'm that pretty...I have tons of friends that would be a lot more qualified then me. Second, taking pictures is hard!! Standing in one place for a long time in heels and trying to look pretty is a lot harder than you'd think! lol, I sounded so high maintenance then but its true! BUT I had the opportunity to do a promotional photo shoot for my friend Kate. She is amazing and I was privileged to have her take my pictures! We went to Antelope island and saw buffalo, HUGE spiders, got eaten alive by mosquito's...yet still managed to have a great time! Skyler was able to come since he happened to be in town at the time so he got to be in most of the pictures. I'm so happy with how they turned out and now I have some fun pictures of me and Skyler to put in our house. Enjoy!

I also did a little photo shoot by myself in the water! It was cold, wet, and to be honest a little gross but still suprisingly a lot of fun! :)


  1. Oh don't even, you are gorgeous and you know it! You could be a model hands down! Love these pictures btw, you are stunning!

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  3. Thanks guys! Shar you are so sweet, such a LIAR though lol jk! Come visit me asap!

    Katie- you are so cute! My friend Whitney got me into the cardigans I LOVE them and she dresses so cute all the time! Good luck with your fashion show!