Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Dyers'

Alright, alright, i'm way behind on my blogging! It is now DAY 3 of best rest. and i'm already sick of laying around all day. Seeing as how I have nothing else to do, I figured id better catch up on blogging. Its been a busy few months and sadly...I left our camera in Utah so I wont be able to update you on our Halloween extravaganzas! SoOo I guess ill just start with THANKSGIVING!!

This Thanksgiving was the first one i've ever spent away from my immediate family. Well, all I can say about that, is that i'm thankful the Dyer family is so much like my own. Fun, understanding, loving, and man can my mothers cook! My mom makes the best Thanksgiving dinners but so does my mother in law! We spent Thanksgiving in Winter Park Colorado in a very nice cabin. Seeing as how we all live in apartments right now because of Skylers work and having to travel a lot, we had to get something bigger to fit all of us. The girls slaved away in the kitchen preparing pies, side salads, appetizers, etc while the BOYS played games! Lucky men! Dinner turned out amazing and we had a lot of fun there.

McKay took family pictures of us all at the cabin. Here are just a few! (as you can see, Chad and Khyle did not like to cooperate!) Did I edit these with cheesy frames and add Santa hats into the pictures? YES I did! haha I was bored...don't judge.

I was also able to build MY FIRST snowman! lol Yes, thats right. I have lived in Utah and Colorado and have never built a snowman. Don't get me wrong; i've always wanted to, but every time we made an attempt the snow was always wrong, or someone didn't want to. SO as soon as my brother and sister in laws found out I had never built one, they made sure we did! 

We had a lot of fun, giggled, made fun of each other, and had snow ball fights a lot! It was also nice to have Skyler to myself for a few days, work has been so crazy and he's been working his butt off! I am so grateful for him and his work to provide for his little family and give us the life we want. I am also thankful for my baby one the way, my wonderful friends and family, my cute puppy Rookie, and most importantly my Heavenly Father. I feel so overwhelmed with blessings and gratitude, this Thanksgiving we had A LOT to be thankful for!

PS. we put up our Christmas tree and finished decorating our place! I love the warm feeling christmas brings to the home, yet another blessing I am thankful for. 

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