Friday, February 8, 2013


Well, I seem to be on a roll now with catching up on my blog. Cayman is sick yet AGAIN sleeping next to daddy while he watches a movie, and Beckham is sleeping peacefully in his swing. Although I'm not too happy about Cayman being sick, its really peaceful tonight. 

Most of the month of November I spent getting our house in order, and of course visiting Beckham every day at the hospital. We were so busy in October that unpacking took a lot longer than it normally would. I finally got around to decorating the house too and it was so fun!

This Thanksgiving we were in charge of having the dinner at our house. My mom was out of town visiting her mom, so we spent it with my sisters and Skylers family. Dinner was phenomenal of course, anything made with the help of Skyler's mom turns out perfect. I do have to say that being in charge of a huge meal like that is stressful!!! I was running around like a chicken with its head chopped off all day!
Before we had thanksgiving dinner, Skyler had us all say one thing we were thankful for. Everyone said the most touching things, and by the third person we were all in tears. I am so thankful for my family, for modern medicine that has kept my boys alive, and for our Heavenly Father. Just being able to sit around the table with my family was the best feeling.

Heres a little video of Cayman eating olives off his fingers, keeping the family tradition going! ;)

After we finished eating, Skyler and I headed up to the hospital to spend the rest of the night with Beckham. He looked so dang cute and the nurses made him this adorable sign!

Every year during the month of November I try to think of one thing I am thankful for, really this is a concept we should try to use every day. So, instead of making this a November thing, lets all try to do it every day! I promise you'll be a lot happier when you realize every day how blessed you are! :)

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  1. Cute decorations! I love the front door/porch area! I always have high hopes for my holiday decor and then it usually falls flat on its face :)