Friday, February 8, 2013


I say this every year, but ill say it again. October is my absolute FAVORITE month. Gorgeous fall leaves, the weather is always nice, adorable clothes and scarfs, everything is just perfect. The month of October this year didn't exactly start out quite like we hoped. For one, we had a little boy in the NICU who was having a hard time. Once he started doing a little better though, we were able to somewhat relax and enjoy life a little more. ;)

After Beckham was about 2 1/2 weeks old, we started to notice that Cayman just wasn't quite "himself"  anymore. He would cry if either me or Skyler so much as left the room, he was also starting to act out a little more to get attention. It was about this time we realized we needed to make some changes in our schedules to spend more time with Cayman. After a lot of praying, we decided that once a week I would take off a day from driving to Layton to see Beckham. On this day Skyler and I would devote our entire day to spending time with Cayman. It was an extremely hard decision to make, because I felt like Beckham really needed me, but we felt like it was the right thing to do. My mom and sister Becky stepped in on the days I took off and would stay with him so he was never alone. I also got approval from the head nurse and both his doctors that my sister Becky could come in to visit him without me there. They also had permission to hold him as well. It was a great comfort knowing that he had people with him that loved him like their own. Mom and Becky, I am so grateful for you for doing this!

Every week until Beckham came home we tried to do something different and special. One week we went to Cornbellys! How had we never been there? Ive heard about it from different people and just assumed it was another pumpkin patch or something? haha I was so wrong! We had a blast there and Cayman loved it!

Another day we made pumpkin spice cookies, watched Hocus Pocus (because lets face it, its not October without watching this classic) and decorated pumpkins. Cayman pretty much just played with the tulle the whole time, but he loved it!

Cayman and I also went on lots and lots of mommy and son dates, most including Kneaders lunch because well... I love Kneaders and Cayman loves their grilled cheese!

We also went to Cornbellys AGAIN! The second time was actually better than the first, because Skylers family was in town. :)

Skylers work VIVINT had an end of the year carnival called "VIVINT days" so we were able to attend. They had a huge razor race at the end which was hilarious! Ive never seen so many expensive razors get destroyed so quickly! Cayman loves cars aka "vroom Vrooms" and was in heaven the entire time!

Cayman and I went to "Boo at the Zoo" one day while Skyler was out of town for work. I met up with my sister Becky and her boys. Boy, what a fun day! All of the animals were out and about so we could see them up close. It was awesome, and Cayman loved going from booth to booth getting all the candy. What kid wouldn't? All of the boys got to dress up in their Halloween costumes. It was too cute. Cayman was the old man from the movie "UP." Isn't he the cutest old man ever? Except for right as we were leaving, Cayman fell out of his umbrella stroller (have I mentioned how much I HATE cheap umbrella strollers?) and got a big goose eggs on his forehead. Poor baby! :(

This is my demonstration of how hard it is to take a picture with a toddler who HATES wearing fake glasses! He refused to keep them on. haha

On our lazy days we'd sometimes make cookies together. This particular day we made cookies and then carved pumpkins. Cayman loves to get dirty so this was perfect for him, and YES the counter was cleaned before we placed the cookies on it. Don't you worry! ;)

One day when I was home sick, Skyler took Cayman on a boys day to Scheels and to lunch. Apparently Scheels is pretty cool, and he loved the fishes and playing on all the "Vroom Vrooms!"

We went to see Wreck it Ralph one night, Cayman actually did pretty good the whole movie and was mesmerized by how big the screen was. He also loves popcorn, so that was a plus. 

Halloween was fun because it was Caymans first time trick or treating. Last year he was just to little to even understand. I must say I was pretty impressed with how quickly he picked up on things! He'd knock on the door, say "TREATTT!" and then grab a handful of candy. He'd then proceed to the next house by full on running! We pretty much had to hold his hand the entire night or he'd run away trying to find more candy! We have such a fun and cute neighborhood with lots of young families, so we had a blast talking to all our neighbors and Cayman loved playing with all the other kids. We love our new neighborhood! 

That pretty much sums up the month of Ocotber. Wow, writing all of this and seeing all of these pictures make me miss this time of the year. Can it be OCTOBER yet?!!

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  1. And you are so welcome - I loved getting to spend time in the NICU with Beckham by myself. I was able to bond with him so much and sometimes I'm sad that he's not just a few minutes away anymore, lol. I know it's the best thing for him to be home...but I can't help but miss him! He's getting so big and cute. And GOSH, Cayman...Oh Cayman, he melts my heart. What a funny little boy!