Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cayman's First Year

Welp. I figured since I updated about Cayman's Birthday I should probably update about his progress in his first year. The doctors said that because he was born so early, he might be a little slow when it comes to learning to crawl, learning to walk etc. Well, Cayman has defied the odds once again and has been right on time if not earlier than where he should be. He is WALKING now, starting to talk a little, claps his hands, waves HI, says "no no no mama" when I tell him its time for bed, blows kisses, and even knows a couple signs in sign language like, "milk" and "more." Here are a few of his favorite things right now.

1. His blanket. Im not joking you he gets SO excited when he see's it. I was washing clothes yesterday and he spotted it as I was throwing it in the dryer. He reached in, pushed all the other clothes off of it, and picked up the heavy soaking wet blanket and buried his face in it. He loves it even when its wet! haha

2. Tenley. Honestly, he loves every kid he plays with, but lately his best friend is a little girl named Tenley. They hold hands in the car, make each other laugh, they even had their first kiss together. Although, she's older than him and twice his size. haha

3. Walking. He loves walking, its so new and exciting for him that every time he takes a few steps, he stops to laugh and clap for himself. He is so proud! :)

4. Playing with Daddy. They always say that a Dad is a sons first superhero, and I believe that in every way possible! I can make Cayman laugh, but not like Skyler can. Skyler is such an amazing dad and I can't wait to see him with out future children. Im sure our little girls will have him wrapped around their fingers,  and the boys will light up when he walks through the door.

5. Pulling on mommys legs. For some reason EVERY TIME I am in the kitchen, Cayman crawls or walks up to me and pulls on my legs trying to get me to pick him up. If I don't, he just hangs on to them and walks behind me wherever I go and just laughs. He thinks its hilarious, me? Not so much. haha its hard cooking with a one year old strapped to both your legs.

6. Bath time. If it were up to him, he'd be in the bath tub all day, every day. He loves to splash and play in the water.

7. The pool. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a WATER BABY! He absolutely loves going to the pool. His face lights up when he's see's it. We took him to a water park yesterday and he had a blast letting me hold his hand as he walked around and played with all of the water fountains.

8. Girls. Cayman is a FLIRT! Whenever I take him somewhere he will always lean over and smile at any girls he sees. At the pool the other day, he walked right up to a group of girls talking (while he was in his floaty in the shallow end) and started smiling and waving to them. Its SO cute now, but worries me a little for when he's older.

9. Mickie Mouse Clubhouse. We are not big on always having Cayman watch TV. Right now he's really not too interested in it, but when Mickey Mouse clubhouse is on, everyone better be quiet or he will throw a fit. Its his absolute favorite show. He won't takes his eyes off the TV until it is over!

10. FOOD. Holy cow, I'm not joking you, Cayman may look small but his appetite is BIG! The kid can eat and eat and eat and never get full. He must take after his dad because they both have amazing metabolism or something. If he sees that I'm eating something he simply must have it or he will scream, and no matter how much I feed him he acts like its the first time ive fed him in days, food in both hands smooching it in his mouth until its completely full! His favorite food now is the organic Mac N Cheese, I swear he eats more than me! Haha

Here are a few of his year pictures I had taken, and some that Skyler and I took. Its crazy how much he has already grown and changed even since then!

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