Saturday, June 30, 2012

Valentines Day

Valentines Day was awesome this year. Skyler spoiled me rotten and my wonderful amazing sister Becky watched Cayman so we could have a little romantic getaway! We stayed at the Grand America, went to a romantic dinner, and then saw "The Vow" at the Gateway theater. It was very relaxing night and I am so grateful for my sweet husband and all he does for me. I really am so lucky. :)

We also went on a little mini vacation to St George for a surprise visit to Skylers Grandma Lucille. We're not sure how much longer she will be around, so it was nice to visit her and let her meet Cayman (he was about 11 months then, he's 15 months now). Skyler got teary eyed when he saw her, because he had never seen her so excited and so happy!

 While we were there we did a lot of swimming, ate lots of frozen yogurt, visited a lot of Skylers side of the family, and went shopping. Cayman had a great time and absolutely adored his great Grandma Lucille.

This was Cayman's FIRST TIME eating frozen yogurt, it was a love hate relationship! :)

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