Saturday, June 30, 2012


Alright, alright. So I've been horrible at blogging lately. Honestly I've just got bored of anything having to do with the online social network. I deleted my Facebook for a long time, stopped blogging, and just focused on enjoying every moment with my husband and little boy.

A few months ago, Skyler and I were told that our chances of ever getting pregnant again were slim to none. Less than 10%! Even though we were NOT trying, it was still really devastating. The only reason I found out was because of complications I was having due to my ectopic pregnancy tube removal. It was not something I told a lot of people, because to be honest I was embarrassed. I thought people might think it made me less of a woman to be going into "Pre menopause" at such  young age, even though that is 100% NOT true. When I got home from my doctors appointment, I looked at Cayman and was overwhelmed with a feeling of love and comfort. I knew that if I was only allowed one child in this lifetime, I sure was blessed with one amazingly sweet little boy.  He is my miracle and he makes life so much better. Every kiss, every smile, and every giggle made everything seem ok. I am BLESSED, and that is all that matters right now. Anyway, instead of wasting time online I spent every second I could holding my sweet baby boy and soaking up every moment of him as a baby. For all I knew, it could be my only chance to remember what its like to have one. The down side to that, he has become a complete and total MOMMAS BOY!! I love it, but hate it when I'm trying to do dishes or make dinner, and I have a baby hanging on my legs, crying for me to hold him! haha

So, even though I'm kind of against spending too much time online lately, I figured he might enjoy reading about our lives as he grew up. I know I wish my mom would have done something like this. Its perfect timing too, because right now he is sick with a cold and taking a LONG nap. I should be packing, but I'm afraid to wake him so blogging it is! A lot has changed in the last few months, and now you know why I haven't updated in so long and I hope you can forgive me. Stay tuned for A LOT of blog updates, its been a busy few months. :)

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