Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dad- A sons first Superhero!

For Fathers Day this year I wanted it to be extra special. Skyler is such an amazing dad to Cayman, words cannot express how much I love and appreciate him. He works all day six days a week, and on Sunday he takes Cayman and plays and watches him all day so mommy gets a break. When I was really sick a couple months ago, Skyler would take Cayman to church with him so that I could get a nap in and feel better. Who does that!? MY HUSBAND!

Cayman loves his daddy more than anything, the second he leaves for work he starts crying and gives me the saddest pouty lip. BUT, the second he is home (if he is still awake) he is the happiest little boy on the planet. His face lights up and he walks to him as fast as his little legs can take him! Lately, if I try to put him to sleep and he doesn't want to go down, he'll say, "Da daaaa!!! Da da!!" Its the cutest thing.

This Fathers Day I made Skyler breakfast, we went to church, and afterwards we had a little picnic at the Sesquicentennial Park! It is the cutest little park in Columbia, with a play ground and lake/pond with tons of ducks to feed. Id been wanting to take Skyler there since we moved to South Carolina. While there, I surprised him with a little family boat ride! Even Rookie got to go, it was the perfect day!

The boat ride was so fun, it was a little paddle boat and Cayman looked so dang CUTE in his little life vest. He loved watching all the ducks play in the water, and the fishes swimming all around. Rookie had fun too, except for I was nervous he was going to jump in the water any second when he saw the fish. haha 

 I am so grateful for my little family and a husband who adores our little boy. It is the coolest thing ever watching the love of my life play with our child. It makes me heart well up with gratitude. He is such a good dad, and I know he will be just as good of a dad to our future children. I am one lucky girl to be loved by these two! :)

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