Monday, August 13, 2012


WOO HOO!! Skyler and I are PREGNANT! We are due December 25, 2012 aka CHRISTMAS DAY, and we could not be happier! As most of you know we were told our chances of ever getting pregnant again were slim to none. I think they gave us a percentage of less than 8%. Welp, that just goes to show that doctors do not know everything, and that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us.

At the beginning of April, I was staying with my friend Kristen right before we both moved to South Carolina to be with our husbands. I was a couple days late for my period but wasn't too worried about it. Things like this had been going on a lot lately, and my doctor said it was a sign that my left ovary was dying (which sadly after my ectopic pregnancy is the only working one I have left). Kristen talked me into taking a pregnancy test, and low and behold the pregnancy line showed up even darker than the control line! I stood there in shock and screamed for Kristen who started laughing uncontrollably. How does this happen? Seriously? I was absolutely NOT expecting that. At first I didn't really know how to feel about it. First I was excited, then terrified, then relieved, and then panicked. When I told Skyler he thought I was joking, because not even 3 months before that, they told us we would likely never be able to get pregnant again. Once he realized I wasn't kidding, he was excited and that made me excited! We had our first ultrasound at 5 weeks and saw that the little peanut was NOT another ectopic, then heard its tiny heartbeat at 9 weeks, a strong 181 BPM! WHAT A MIRACLE!!!! I am now 21 weeks and everything is looking perfect for Baby Dyer #2! He/she does not have SUA (which is why Cayman was born so early) and no heart defects. We couldn't be happier!

(Here I am at 20 weeks, half way point! Yay)

(20 week Level 2 Ultrasound. Baby is PERFECT )

Now, is it a BOY or a GIRL??!! Its a.....we aren't finding out! ;) At first I was 110% sure it was a little girl. I had dreams about her, Skyler had dreams about her, he said he even sometimes felt like saying "she" when we said prayers. Not only that, but my pregnancy is COMPLETELY different than Caymans. Everything from what I crave, how sick I am/was, my skin, my hair, my attitude, to the babies movements. Im 21 weeks and STILL throwing up every other day. That never happened with Cayman. It wasn't until about 16 weeks that I started to feel otherwise. I was watching Skyler play with Cayman in the pool and picturing what it would be like with two kids, instead of just one. All of a sudden I realized something. I couldn't see us with a little girl yet, I pictured Cayman with a little BROTHER!!!! It was the craziest feeling. The next day I had my 16 week check up, and my doctor checked my cervix because I'm high risk. Anyway, while she was looking at my cervix, I was watching our sweet baby, and I SWEAR I saw a little turtle (aka penis)!!! Now, I am no medical expert and know nothing about ultrasounds, so I could be wrong. Maybe it was a finger, umbilical cord, or even a foot. Haha but once I saw that, I came home SO DEPRESSED! I know that sounds selfish, but hear me out. I had spent 16 weeks falling in love with what I thought was our little girl. The little girl I knew I would have since I was 15 years old, my little Aubrielle Kate (after my grandma Kathleen). Now I felt like it was a boy, and it broke my heart. I felt like I lost her, like she'd died and I was never going to get her back. Sounds pathetic, but I was devastated. It wasn't until I talked to my mother in law, that I finally started to feel better.

She told me, "Bethany, you make a wonderful mom for boys. You will be their soccer mom, go to their wrestling matches, go camping, and four wheeling, and love and protect them." She also said something that hit me really hard! She said, "maybe this isn't about what you or Skyler want, maybe its about what CAYMAN NEEDS!"

That was it, It all made sense. Heavenly Father might not be sending me a little girl because I want one, he might be sending me a boy because Cayman NEEDS one! All I want is what is best for Cayman, so how could I be sad about that? Now I am EXCITED!!! After that conversation it didn't matter to me what the gender was, it was miracle we were even pregnant and if having a boy is better for Cayman, than by all means I will be the best mom to our sweet baby boy! If its a girl, well then thats awesome too. Cayman will make an awesome big brother to a little sister, I know he will love and protect her forever. Yay for babies and all their cuteness! I can't wait to have this little peanut and find out if its Caymans partner in crime, or his sweet baby sister I've had so many dreams about. December 2012 will be a very eventful month for the Dyer Family! :)

(Cayman likes to lay his head on my belly and says "bay-bee??" He is going to be the BEST big brother ever!)


  1. I am so excited for all of you ! What ever your baby is, the fact that she or he will be healthy and happy is most important. I am sure Heavenly Father will send you the baby you need and that needs you ! Love to all Grandma

  2. Seriously! I am so excited for you guys! You look wonderful and I'm glad that everything is going great! miss you!