Saturday, August 11, 2012

Myrtle Beach!

BROADWAY AT THE BEACH! ~Yay, I am finally to the second part of the summer. Man, we have done a lot! We moved to Charleston for the second part of the summer, which was actually kind of nice because it has a lot more to do! Downtown has its "charm" but my favorite part is being so close to Myrtle Beach. We went to "Broadway at the Beach" with the Nelson's and went to the aquarium. Skyler and Adam had to be back to work the next day, so they stayed for the day and drove home that night, while the wives and kids stayed to play. We got a hotel overlooking the ocean and stayed there for the weekend. It was awesome, Myrtle Beach is a blast! 

I just have to mention that I have the absolute best husband ever! As you can see, almost every picture I post is of Skyler with Cayman. On Skylers days off, Cayman is HIS kid. The second we walked in the acquarium Skyler took Cayman from me and said, "you get him 6 days a week, I want to play with him!" Honestly it is so nice getting a break once a week. I was able to enjoy my time with my family knowing Cayman was having a blast, and I didn't have to be the one holding him and chasing him around everywhere. I'm too tired and pregnant to keep up with him sometimes. Haha

Have I mentioned that Cayman loves aquariums, and pretty much anything having to do with water? Because he does... A LOT! 
(He was so mesmerized by the big fish and would jump every time one swam by him. He must take after me in this way, because I was the same way when I was younger. )

(Skyler showing Cayman the Sting Rays. )

FUNNY STORY ALERT! Cayman fell in love with this little sea otter stuffed animal. So, Kristen's mom surprised him with a BIG one, and he was SO excited. He cuddled it and played with it all day. It even unzips into a blanket/ pillow. Now he won't go to sleep unless its with him. Cutest thing ever!     

( He is better than the best dad ever. He waited in a long line just to buy Cayman a "Scooba Steve!" Who does that? MY HUSBAND!)

 (This dinosaur was scary! Im not joking, it even scared me a little. It would turn its head and roar at you so loud! Cayman didn't know what to think of it. If Skyler got too close he'd throw his hands up with a look of terror and cry. Haha but the second he walked away he wanted to go right back. Adrenaline junky I tell you!)

FAMILY DAY! Another day Skylers office reached an incentive, so they got to go to Medieval Times in Myrtle beach. We were happy to accept the offer considering Cayman and I had never been there, and we love Myrtle Beach. We made it a family day and came down early to shop and go to the beach. Again, we went to Broadway at the Beach because we had so much fun the last time. We walked around and ate ice cream and played games. Another perfect day! :)

(Cayman DID NOT like his hat, the guy put it on him as we walked in to take a picture, and he was fine for a while. Then all of a sudden he got this look of terror and started screaming bloody murder! haha What the heck? We were so confused. Every time someone would try and put it on him, he'd smile at first and then start crying. It was too funny!)

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