Tuesday, August 7, 2012

South Carolina!

As some of you know, we are in South Carolina this summer for Skylers work! He is back working for VIVINT and we are happy with that. Although I wouldn't exactly say leaving home for the summer is all fun and dandy, but the girls here are awesome and we have definitely made the best of it! The first part of the summer we lived in Columbia, and now we are living in Charleston. There wasn't a ton to do in Columbia, but we still had fun going to the pool and the zoo as much as possible. Me and some of the girls bought season passes and tried to take the kids at least once a week, although that didn't always happen. haha Cayman LOVES the zoo, especially the aquarium, and feeding the giraffes. :)

Tenly and Cayman have become best friends this summer. It is the cutest thing. I bought him a blue monkey because he literally grabbed it from a shelf and wouldn't let me put it back. haha SO Tenley got one too! TWINNERS!

Cayman also became a water baby this summer, he absolutely loves the pool and pretty much anything having to do with water. 

I took Cayman to the Sesame Street live concert. I honestly didn't think he would even understand what was going on, let alone enjoy it. He actually LOVED it! The whole time he stood up and clapped his hands to the songs and was laughing and waving his arms everywhere. It was the cutest thing. Who knew a one year old could be so intuitive? I really wish I would have recorded a video!!

Right before we moved from Columbia to Charleston, we decided it would be fun to visit Charlotte North Carolina! This was really cool, because it was also around the time we were into the Bachelorette. Ps. GO JEF!!! :) Sadly, we didn't run into Emily, BUT we did get to eat at the cheesecake factory! Its funny how you live close to something for so long, as soon as you don't have one close anymore, it tastes SO much better! We also walked around a huge mall there, and visited the Billy Graham library/museum. Honestly, it was an awesome experience to learn about another religion and its leaders. Its great to see that there are amazing people out there sharing their love of Christ and bringing people to him. :)

We totally matched that day by accident. Haha I love this little boy so much!

South Carolina has had its ups and downs, there are days where I am definitely homesick, but there has also been so many awesome things that have happened this summer as well! Cayman is learning and growing every day, he is becoming more and more a DADDY'S boy...tear, and we are just trying to enjoy life one step at a time. Stay tuned for some more posts coming up! :)

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