Friday, April 19, 2013


It is so much fun having a little one that understands what Easter is. We got to witness Caymans face light up as we decorated Easter eggs, made Easter crafts, opened Easter baskets, and made cookies. My favorite part was reading him the story of Christ and his resurrection. Every time he sees a picture of Christ he knows exactly who he is, and says "Jesus!" I cant wait until next year when Beckhams a little older. Then we will have TWO very excited little boys for fun holidays like this! I had fun decorating for Easter this year, and the pastels colors made me so excited for the sun to be out! Yay for sunshine!

This Easter we kept pretty darn busy, we took Cayman to the "Easter Eggstreme" at Thanksgiving Point. Once again they did not disappoint. I thought it was just going to be a huge Easter Egg hunt, but I was so wrong. They did have a huge egg hunt; but they also had rides, games, bounce houses, food, face painting, and even a petting zoo! Needless to say, Cayman had a blast and so did Skyler and I. Cayman was a pro at the egg hunt. He saw all the older kids running for the eggs and putting them in their baskets, so he quickly caught on and ran for the eggs. He actually ended up with more than some of the older kids, we were impressed. haha

The following day was Easter morning. The Easter bunny did not disappoint. ;) Cayman was so excited, and Beckham loved his first Easter basket (I think). lol

We went to church in our Easter attire of course, and took our very FIRST family picture! So crazy it took us this long to do so, but i'm happy we did!

After church we had a big bbq with Skylers family. My side of the family was not able to make it, because my mom was really sick. :( bummer. It was still  blast though, my in laws sure know how to have a great time! I get along with them so well, they are awesome. I often ask myself, how did I get so lucky!? We had another Easter Egg hunt with the little kiddies, made Easter cookies, decorated eggs, and made cupcakes.

Cayman made these Easter cupcakes all by himself (with a little bit of my help) It made a HUGE mess, but he had so much fun so we didn't care. Its memories like this that make the messes, temper tantrums, poopy diapers, and sleepless nights so worth it!

I'm so glad spring is here, and that we can finally get out of the house! I foresee lots of walks, and days at the park in the future. CAN'T WAIT!


  1. The decorations are super cute. I love the wreaths you make - you should teach me sometime. Your easter looked so fun, I'm sad we missed it!

  2. I love my family!!! You are the best sister in law ever!